Learn to Play Bitcoin Blackjack

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Learn to Play Bitcoin Blackjack

Blackjack card game

Card games are known for many years and people are still into them as they offer a great combination of entertainment and the opportunity to earn money. Among the most popular card games are poker, baccarat, and blackjack. These games are widespread among online casinos and gamblers all over the world are spending a big amount of time playing them.

Nowadays there is a tendency among online casinos to offer cryptocurrency as an alternative way for betting. This tendency lifts the level of gambling security and several times speeds up the transactions. So that when it comes to online blackjack, Bitcoin is one of the best ways of betting.

Since the game’s rules do not allow players to collect more than twenty-one in total, the initial name of the blackjack was “21.” Blackjack is a slang name. Initially, a part of a ten-to-one payout was called the jack of clubs or a blackjack.

Bitcoin blackjack and its peculiarities

The rules for crypto blackjack are the same that for the classic type of this game, however bets are made within special software – Bitcoin wallets. Generally, blackjack is played with a 52 cards deck and requires two and more gamblers. The essential rule of the game is that competition is always between gamblers and the dealer. Gamblers never compete between themselves that is why blackjack is considered a comparing card game.

When it comes to playing online blackjack Bitcoin is perfect for making bets as this currency guarantees provable fair playing and allows gamblers to pay anonymously. Moreover, a crypto blackjack is a guarantee of secured transactions protected by a decentralized financial control system. Besides, online casinos provide the lowest house edges for those who play blackjack with BTC.

When choosing a platform to play blackjack with BTC you should consider the casino’s reliability, customer reviews, amount of games, and several years in the industry as well.

Blackjack game types

There are many varieties of this game, such as:

European – this type of blackjack is recognized by the noble casinos such as the Casino de Monte Carlo, the main distinction of this game variation is that it is played with 6 decks and no hole cards.

American – this blackjack variety is played in Las Vegas and it requires no less than 8 card decks to play and the dealer has one hole card that is laid face up.

Live – online casinos are probably willing to replace traditional ones in the nearest future. Live blackjack provides an opportunity for gamblers to interact with a real dealer face to face.

Single deck – this blackjack type is relatively rare for online casinos, however, it is still played by gamblers

Double-deck – the same that the previous one but with two decks.

Key gameplay takeaways

The main aim of the gambler in blackjack is to reach a total that exceeds the dealer’s total but not going over twenty-one. There are different options of moves for players that include splitting, hitting, standing, and doubling-down.

To wrap up, Bitcoin blackjack has the same rules that do not depend on the payment type. There are several modifications of blackjack, and the most popular of them are European and American.

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